Healthy on vacation thanks to UV-C

Holiday time is carefree time - isn’t it? Just think about your last vacation. Maybe you were on a gorgeous Caribbean island, celebrated the Holi festival in India, or went hiking in the Alps. But this one problem always occurs when you are on vacation: water quality.

In many parts of Europe, people are used to being able to draw water of drinkable quality from the tap at any time. But already in the eastern Mediterranean - a thoroughly popular vacation area - only just over 40% of the population has access to clean drinking water. So how can you get drinkable water if you can't be sure of the quality of the tap water? Or when on a hike the mountain stream is the only source of water nearby?

Fillable bottles with a UV-C radiation source in the lid are an extremely practical solution. For this, the bottle only needs to be filled and closed. Then, at the push of a button, the UV-C radiation source begins to treat the water - as with all UV-C applications - by permanently damaging the DNA of microorganisms.

Of course, not all water can be made drinking quality in this way. Water contamination with chemicals, for example, cannot be remedied by UV-C radiation. But for the cases shown - with unsafe tap water quality or relatively clean-seeming fresh water sources in nature - the inactivation of the potentially contained microorganisms represents an important protection for one's own health.

UV-C applications also offer a solution for water treatment on a larger scale - for example, for camping. Here, so-called UV-C flow-through devices are added directly to the water tank. The water can thus be kept fresh for days - a survival factor when camping.

Have you already added UV-C bottles to your packing list for your next vacation?