For us, RZB CARE means contributing to the protection of society. We take this high level of responsibility very seriously, which is why our product development is carried out in close cooperation with experts from relevant scientific disciplines. In addition, our products undergo rigorous testing processes, both in our in-house laboratories in Bamberg and in external test centres. 

UV-C radiation has been used successfully for decades in a wide variety of areas to inactivate microorganisms. In the field of air disinfection, however, this technology is very new. Thus, the market for UV-C air disinfection devices is also very young. As a consequence, there are almost no test procedures regarding safety and effectiveness of the products. 

Compared to other manufacturers of UV-C air disinfection devices, however, we do not see this situation as a free pass. RZB CARE takes responsibility and for us this includes having the safety and effectiveness of our products tested by scientific institutes. 

For this reason, the MINAK Q was tested on the one hand by the VDE and on the other hand by the HTK Hygiene Technology Competence Centre. The results show that the radiation source of the MINAK Q generates a sufficient UV-C dose to inactivate bacteria and viruses of various kinds and that this is also valid outside the test laboratory in real applications.

We are happy to provide you with the VDE test report and the reports on the scientific study of the HTK regarding the MINAK Q as well as the unit types MINAK M and MINAK XL as downloads.