We speak plain language!

Building on over 80 years of experience in lighting, luminaires and electrical engineering, we now use modern UV-C lamps to ensure clean air.

To ensure the safety of people at all times, we only use systems in which the escape of aggressive UV-C radiation is mechanically excluded. The "micro-organism inactivator" is the heart of the systems. This makes a further contribution to the fight against viruses and pathogens. No single measure is effective on its own, but any additional initiative is welcome. In the meantime, there is no longer any doubt in the scientific community that the most frequent transmission and thus source of infection in the case of SARS-CoV-2 takes place by air via aerosols.

We are convinced that the topic of hygiene will be the focus of public attention in the long term and that the range of applications for our systems is extremely broad. RZB CARE's top priorities are the safety and reliability of our products, which are ensured both internally through individual routine testing and by external testing institutes.


How does the inactivation with "light" work?

The World Health Organisation believes that many viruses and bacteria, including SARS-Cov-2, are spread through microscopic droplets in the air. This results in the transmission of infection from person to person. In February 2021, it was even reported that indoor ventilation systems could potentially promote room-to-room transmission!

 In addition to visible light ...

UV radiation essentially exists in three wavelength ranges. However, UV-C, the shortest wavelength of the three, is completely filtered out by the earth's atmosphere. Therefore, bacteria and viruses cannot "handle" this radiation, so UV-C radiation is able to inactivate such pathogens. The UV-C radiation sources used have an optimised wavelength of 254 nm.


How do the units of the MINAK family work?

Inside the metallic body of the MINAK UV-C air disinfection units, an air flow is generated by means of powerful fans. The units draw in the room air from below and expel it again at the top. This creates a circulation and a recirculation of the room air takes place.

Inside the units, UV-C radiation with a wavelength of 254nm is generated by special lamps. The air is led past these lamps so that the germs contained in the air come into contact with the UV-C radiation. This inactivates germs, bacteria and viruses. The air emitted from the top of the units contains only inactivated and thus harmless particles.


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