Creating freedoms for safer places and a better world.

Companies exist in countless forms, specialisations and stages of development. However, the same applies to all companies: an essential component of success is continuous innovation. What is needed today is rarely the solution for tomorrow, and thus a corporate architecture that embraces innovation as lifeblood is key to the future.

The RZB CARE brand stands for the fusion of expertise in dealing with electromagnetic radiation and design work at the highest level, with which all-round important and scientifically reliable contributions are made to well-being, safety and thus the protection of health. The in-house development of highly efficient UV-C air disinfection devices represents the first milestone in the brand's history.

RZB CARE embodies the company's conviction: the topics of health and hygiene will be the focus of society in the long term. The creative and interdisciplinary development teams at RZB CARE therefore work tirelessly on solutions in the fields of lighting and indoor hygiene to create high-performance and future-oriented products with added value for society.

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